Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before creating an account.


Bingoon.fi online bingo games are operated by Finnish registered associations or other non-profit organizations with a bingo license. The associations are mainly local sporting associations.

The online bingo games are played using the same rules as the games played locally at the bingo license holder's bingo hall. Profits from the games of each individual hall will be used to support the cause mentioned on the bingo hall's license. This is usually supporting the sporting association that holds the license. Load bingo rules (PDF) (in Finnish)


Eventio Group Ltd.
Air Dice Ltd.
(the "Operator")


A person (the "Customer") who is 18 years of age, of legal capacity and not addicted to gambling may register and create an account.

The Customer is responsible for the factuality of their personal data and not depositing money originating from criminal and/or other unauthorized activities.

The Operator has the right to verify the data provided. The Customer agrees to their personal data being stored in the Bingoon.fi registry and that the data can be used for internal statistics and, if the Customer grants permission, to direct marketing. The personal data is handled with confidentiality and will not be disclosed to third parties. Load Privacy Policy (PDF) (in Finnish)

As part of the registration process the Customer will have to choose a username and password. The Customer has the responsibility to ensure that the username and password are kept securely and confidential at all times.


The Customer's account is used for governing the deposited funds and winnings. Deposits to the account can be made through the internet banking services of Finnish banks. Winnings will automatically be allocated to the account balance. The account balance can be used for playing. Balance from winnings and deposits, but not bonus balance, can be used to redeem prizes. Account balance will not bear interest.

Any complaints must be lodged within 30 days of the transaction.

If the Customer hasn't accessed their account for 24 months, the Operator reserves the right to terminate the account. The Customer will be notified via email 1 month before termination. The account can be closed or opened by the Customer's written request.

Customer data will not be altered without the Customer's permission. If a compelling need to change the data arises (e.g. due to legislative changes) the Customer will be asked for permission to do so via email.


The Customer can select the prizes they want using their account balance from winnings and deposits, but not bonus balance, on the Redeem Wins page of Bingoon.fi. According to Finnish law bingo halls cannot award money prizes, but winnings can be gift certificates which are comparable to products. The prizes will be sent to the address provided in the Customer's personal data.

The lottery law requires bingo winnings to be redeemed within one year's time from the win. The player will be automatically notified via email about bingo wins that are soon expiring, one month before actual expiry. The player forfeits any wins not redeemed before expiry.


The Customer can request that their unused account balance is refunded directly to their bank account. The Customer may make a written request for a refund using the form on the Contact Us page. Only account balance transferred from a bank account can be refunded.
To confirm their identity, the Customer must be logged in to their account when sending the request for a refund.
Otherwise the refund request must be sent to address Eventio Group Oy Juristinkatu 6 20780 Kaarina.
The refund request must contain bank account information.


We take constant care of security. All connections in the service are secured with SSL and the game servers are secured against attacks from third parties.


The Customer participates in the games at their own risk. The Operator does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage due to technical errors.


Rules have been created for the chat rooms to ensure that a pleasant ambience is preserved. The Customer must respect the following rules of behaviour:

The Chat Moderator can remove messages that are in violation of the rules. The Moderator can also ban users that have sent messages that are in violation of the rules. Please inform the Customer Service of any inappropriate messages at asiakaspalvelu(at)bingoon.fi


All account transactions are recorded and archived for a minimum of six years. The Customer can access this archive whenever to view all of their games played, bets placed, winnings, redeemed prizes and deposits. In addition, for all games the Customer has participated in, precise data of game progression will be stored, including the Customer's tickets, numbers called and the status of the Customer's tickets at the moment bingos are announced. My Account › Transactions.


If you have any questions, please contact the Bingoon.fi customer service during office hours at 0403-110550 or via email at asiakaspalvelu(at)bingoon.fi. We will answer any queries as fast as possible.