The online bingo games are played simultaneously and with the same rules as the games at the bingo license holder's bingo hall. Online playing is possible when the hall is open.

You can join the game by creating an account and then logging in at with your username and password.

Playing is very easy: when you've created an account and logged in, choose a hall, buy a ticket and follow the exciting game. You'll be automatically notified of wins.

When you've selected a hall you like, open the game client by pressing the Play button. You can play with one or more tickets at a time.


You can buy tickets with the points in your game account. You can top up your account and purchase tickets until the game starts.

Tickets are bought by clicking on them. You can also cancel purchased tickets by clicking the cancel button at the bottom of the ticket until the game starts.

Tickets can have one, two or three grids depending on the game. The grid size is 5 × 5, and each grid has 25 numbers from the range 1–75.

1st column (B) contains numbers 1–15
2nd column (I) contains numbers 16–30
3rd column (N) contains numbers 31–45
4th column (G) contains numbers 46–60
5th column (O) contains numbers 61–75


The most common style of bingo played at is the five line game. The first bingo requires one full horizontal line, which can be any one of the five horizontal rows on a grid. The second bingo requires two horizontal lines - any two rows in the same grid. The same applies for the third and fourth bingo. The fifth bingo is full house, which means the whole grid needs to be full and all the numbers on it have been called.

In some games other patterns besides horizontal lines can be used. These include vertical and diagonal lines or all corners. Instructions can be found on the hall's page under Game Instructions. In some games the center square is free. In this case the center square will automatically be marked in both the online and hall tickets.

Game Instructions also contains win tables for games that have special win conditions. For example, if the last number called hits the center of the winning grid, the win will be larger.

Before the game starts a timer will be displayed in the game client. It shows the minimum time left until the game starts. We cannot display the exact moment the game will start, because the ticket sales at the hall determine when the game begins. When ticket sale is done, the game starts. Just like at the hall, online players can buy tickets until the game starts even if the minimum timer had already run out.

Numbers are called until bingo is found either on-site at the hall or among the online tickets. Online bingos are called automatically so online players won't have to worry about calling bingos. If the bingo is found on-site, the win will be given to the winner directly, but if the winner is playing online, the win will be added to their win balance. Numbers continue to be called until all the bingos defined in the game rules have been called.

After this the game ends and the next game is announced on-site and in the game client.


If your Internet connection fails or you accidentally close your browser window, the game and your possible winnings will still be registered on your game account. You can check all your played games on your My Account › Game History page.

Due to technical reasons the live sound stream from the bingo hall can lag. You can restore the timing of the sound stream by turning the sound off and then on again from the Sound button at the lower left corner of the game client.

If you need assistance, please contact us during office hours 9am-4pm at 0403-110550, or email us at asiakaspalvelu(at) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


According to Finnish law bingo halls cannot award money prizes, but winnings can be Finnish trade bloc gift certificates which are comparable to products.

When you want to redeem your winnings, go to the Redeem Wins section of Select the prizes you want, and redeem them using your win balance. That means the account balance from winnings. Your winnings will be sent within five working days to the address provided in the your personal information, so please keep this information up to date. The smallest value of winnings you can redeem is 10 euros. The winnings will be delivered only to the addresses located in Finland.


In the My Account section of website you will find all the tools you need for managing your settings, information and transactions. You can, for example, view all of the events on your game account on the Transactions page, or change your personal data on the Account Details page. It is especially important to keep your address up to date, because your redeemed prizes will be sent to this address.

On the Account Limits page you can set limits for bets, deposits or time you spend playing by yourself. Default setting for limits is the maximum allowed, and you can lower the limit yourself. Bet limit is the amount you can use to buy tickets, not for how much you can lose. When you reach this limit, you will not be able to buy more tickets even if you were winning or had unused bonus points. Lowering limits is effective immediately, raising them has a delay. Read more on the Account Limits page.

In addition you can temporarily suspend your account on the Suspend Account page.


With free bonus points you an buy tickets just like with money balance. Bonus points cannot be used for redeeming prizes.

New Player Bonus: will award you 10 Bonus Points when you register.

First Deposit Bonus: offers Bonus Points when you make your first deposit. The amount of points varies depending on the amount you deposit: for a 10€ deposit you receive 2 Bonus Points, for 25€ you receive 7 Bonus Points, for 50€ you receive 20 Bonus Points and for 100€ you receive 50 Bonus Points.

Invite a Friend Bonus: when you invite a friend to play at, you get 10€ worth of Bonus Points. Your friend gets 10 Bonus Points when registering. The Invite a Friend Bonus is paid to you when your friend makes their first deposit. To be eligible for this bonus, you must use the Invite a Friend form to invite your friend. You will be registered as the inviter only if your friend enters by clicking on the link in the email invitation.

Buddy Weeks Bonus: the same as Invite a Friend Bonus, except during this campaign the inviter gets 25€ worth of Bonus Points.

Birthday Bonus: offers you 20 Bonus Points on your birthday. If you have allowed email from, we'll send you a Deposit Voucher with a 20 point Bonus Code on your birthday. The code can only be used once and expires one month from your birthday.


According to the law bingo wins must be redeemed or played again in one year after winning them.

The usage of points is monitored automatically by the game system. An account message and email notification about the expiring points in player's account is sent to the owner of the account.

The notification is sent by email one month before the expiration. After expiration the points are automatically removed from the account.